Q: How durable is Granite?

A. Under the normal circumstances of daily use, granite in the kitchen or bathroom will be virtually indestructible. You can cut on it with the sharpest knives without scratching (although they won’t stay sharp for very long!), put the hottest pot or pan directly on it without burning or scorching, and spill acidic liquids (red wine, etc.) without etching the polish.

Q: How do I clean Granite?

A. Granite’s biggest enemy around the house is grease and oil. Even with sealer on the stone, these can absorb deep into the surface if left unattended and these stains can be difficult to remove. Simple cleanup after meal preparation is the best solution to this problem. We recommend wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove loose food particles and then a second cleaning with any window glass cleaner. With quartz being one of the major components of granite, bringing a shine back to the surface is much like cleaning your windows. A cleaner with ammonia, in our opinion, is a plus because of its additional sanitizing properties.

Q: What types of Edge Treatments are available?

A.We offer the following Edge Treatments:

* Flat
* Half Bull Nose
* Full Bull Nose
* ¼ Round
* Pencil Round
* Bevel
* Ogee

Q: What is your company guarantee?

A. We feel so strongly about the beauty and durability of our natural granite products that we will guarantee them against any defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. However, this warranty will not be honored with evidence of misuse, abuse or factors beyond our control including but not limited to: intentional chips, stains that have occurred due to improper or negligent maintenance, settlement of cabinets and/or floors, any problems as a result of installation by anyone other than an employee or qualified subcontractor of Empire Marble & Granite. This guarantee is transferable with the sale of the home.

Q: Do you have additional printed resources that may help my decision?

A. Certainly! Read our Quality Brochure (PDF) to see how serious we are about the quality of our stone products.
When you’ve decided to pursue a fabulous stone countertop, read our Stone Care Brochure (PDF) to learn how best to care for your new Kitchen.